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Meritage Divorce

Meritage Divorce Journey Workshop Companion...

Divorce can shatter everything we have ever known, but it can also liberate us from a deeply unsatisfying life and offer healing.  In Meritage Divorce, Cheryl Nielsen shares her advice for picking a divorce support system, caring for yourself, and using this time to re-align with your authentic self.  In this humorous memoir, she serves a generous pour of her personal wisdom to support you through the financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges you many face. 

She shares her struggles, spiritual lessons, and chance at love again.  Written in wine metaphors, from her vineyard experience, Cheryl delivers a divorce guide for the wine lover.  You’ll find a new and improved version of yourself on the other side of the journey making divorce a transformational opportunity.

“Even if you are not in the midst of divorce, it is a story of overcoming loss, having the courage to preserver, and using the challenges of painful experiences to learn and grow.  Cheryl came to look at the experience of divorce as “a chance of a lifetime” to learn to tap into her internal intuition, and increase her faith and spiritual awareness.  

This is recommended reading for anyone facing loss, going through life changing challenges, pursuing self-discovery, taking care of oneself through stressful times and learning to embrace the miracles in life.  

no drop from this pour goes to waste!  You can get intoxicated just reading it!”


             -Debra Oakland, Living In Courage online