Meritage Divorce

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Embark on a Meritage Divorce Journey

What is a Meritage Divorce Journey?

A Meritage Divorce journey is an online self-paced workshop providing a blend of financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance.  These areas represent the interdependent parts of one’s collective life experience.  Each relies on the other to do its part.  You are responsible for blending these areas together to deliver your one-of-a-kind experience.  There will be much change and growth in these areas as you work through your transition to find your perfect blend.  Stay adaptable to change; keep an open mind; don’t be afraid to let go of old beliefs and embrace new learning.  Free up your mind to new experiences.  Divorce offers a transformational opportunity if you embark on self-discovery, leave the past and decant a future.  If you trust the process, you will re-produce yourself and deliver the new you on the other side of the journey.

Prepare for the journey...

Meritage Divorce Journey Workshop

The workshop is an online self-paced introspective study.  You will move from one topic to the next when it’s right for you. You’ll have private access to a community to share parts of your journey and wine tasting experiences. Coming Soon!

get the book

The Meritage Divorce Journey is the workshop companion to the book entitled Meritage Divorce, by Cheryl Nielsen. Each coaching session will be illustrated from a chapter in the book.   Available on Amazon.

Choose a wine to represent you

The journey is laced with wine metaphors. You’ll be choosing a wine to represent you that has the characteristics you desire in yourself. Try a few wines from our partner, ONEHOPE, that supports our charity of choice, or choose one’s you know.