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About the workshop

online meritage divorce journey workshop

Guidance to support your journey...

Workshop topics:

Learn to “spit out the past, re-produce yourself, and decant a future” through wine colored glasses…

You don’t have to be a wine lover to benefit from the workshop.  Wine metaphors are sometimes used to illustrate a point, and provide entertainment value.  Wine is one way of bringing people together, similar to food.  Food and wine even better.  

Format of the workshop…
  1. Video overview – on each topic
  2. Chapter reading 
  3. Self-reflective exercise
  4. Journal handout page
  5. Access to Facebook group for sharing
  6. Online wine tasting/sharing events 

As you move through your journey, you will create a plan not only to manage the business of divorce, but a nurturing plan to care for yourself, re-produce yourself and support your healing.  You might pick up some wine lingo along the way. You’ll have a record of your journey to reflect your growth.  You might meet the new you on the other side of the journey making divorce a transformational opportunity! 

Preparing for the Workshop...

Embark on a meritage divorce journey

Give yourself the support you need and the gift of using this time to re-align with your authentic self.

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